Standard Living Room Furniture Dimensions

Every DIY interior room designer wants to ensure his living room looks tidy, beautiful, and cozy. Whether you are searching for a roomy sectional, a cozy accent chair, a sleeper sofa, or an ottoman for your dwellings, we have put together a handy list of living room furniture dimensions for you to make the most out of your living room space.

Though couches and the rest of the furniture come in different sizes, most of these sizes are built around the standard-sized living room (which we’ll discuss shortly).

So most of the furniture will surely be able to fit nicely within your room without letting you bump into it. Now, let’s go over the standard size for a living room.

Standard Living Room Size:

The standard size for a living room is 12 x 18 feet, large enough to harbor at least 8 people. This is plenty of space for placing your dream furniture, but don’t stuff it randomly. Plan first. Take measurements and most importantly, select the furniture with the length and width that fits well within the walls of your living room.

You’ll also need to factor in how many people you’ll accommodate in your living room. For example, if there are 3 people in the living room, you can deploy more furniture, whereas the length of furniture will need to shrink if there are, say, 4 to 7 people in your room.

Now you know what are the standard dimensions for a living room, let’s go over some of the standard living room furniture dimensions.

Standard Couch Size:

Couches come in different seating sizes. Some may have three seats, while others will feature a six seat design. But a standard number of seats in a standard-sized couch is three. A three-seat couch is usually 34 inches high and 90 inches wide, with a depth of 38 inches.

Living Room Furniture Dimensions

Do note that you should buy a couch that is two-thirds the size of your living room. Here is a table for rather large couches.

Number of SeatsLength “Height “Depth “
4 Seat Couch1173438
5 Seat Couch1443438
6 Seat Couch1713438

Standard Loveseat Size:

The standard size for a loveseat sofa is somewhere around 60 inches wide, its height touching 34 inches, and its depth reaching the usual 38 inches.

Loveseats are called loveseats because these sofas feature two sofa seats where two people can sit closer together. You can either get them as a standalone piece of furniture or as included in the whole living room furniture package (if you are saving something in the combo deal).

Living Room Furniture Dimensions

Standard Living Room Furniture Dimensions for Sectional Couch:

There is no standard size for a sectional couch as a) they are moduler b) they come in different sizes, and c) they are configured differently. You’ll have to measure your living space before opting for a sectional. This includes an aggregate of length and width and how you want to arrange its pieces.

Living Room Furniture Dimensions

You’ll be able to get a sectional in either a two-piece, three-piece or five-piece configuration with the chaise attached to either the left or the right side of the sectional of your choosing. Sectionals usually come in the following configurations:

  • L shaped sectional
  • L shaped sectional with chaise
  • U shaped sectional
  • Sofa chaise
  • Modular or custom configuration

Standard Sleeper Sofa Size:

A sleeper sofa is special in that it can literally convert into a bed with a mattress that you can pull out whenever you need it. Especially when a few guests visit your room, you are short on space.

The standard size for a sleeper sofa is 75 to 96 inches wide, formally called “queen size.” That size is ample enough to accommodate two people.

Living Room Furniture Dimensions

Standard Ascent Chair Size:

Accent chairs are in a league of their own, especially regarding coziness. Accent chairs are your perfect reading partner. Especially when they are placed before a fireplace, giving you a splendid sense of warmth as you turn the pages.

Living Room Furniture Dimensions

The standard dimensions for an accent chair are usually around 34 inches high, 36 inches wide, and 38 inches deep. Accent chairs can have different variations in dimensions.


Whether you’re looking to fit a big sectional or need some cozy accent chairs, looking at standard living room furniture dimensions is key to making the most of your 12×18-foot area (that’s what we assume). Sectionals can be tricky since they’re so modular, but hopefully, the tips on measuring and configs should give you a good starting point.

Taking measurements and planning ahead of time will save you major stress down the road. No one wants to be stuck with that giant couch that doesn’t fit. Refer to this dimension guide as you shop to know what will realistically fit. From there, have fun getting creative with your layout. Just be sure to leave walking spaces and account for how many people you usually have over.


How much space do I need for Living Room Furniture?

Your living room furniture should have enough space for people to move around.

What size of sofa is best for a 12 x 12 Room?

Anything below 80 inches in length should fit well in a 12 x 12 room.

What is the 2 3 Sofa Rule?

The 2 3 sofa rule means you should only select a sofa that is two-thirds the size of your living room.