Why Does My Dog Lick The Couch?

Dogs like to lick so many things out of hunger or boredom. But your dog licking couch is sure to annoy you if it is consistently licking your couch repeatedly. Let’s explore why does my dog lick the couch and how to stop them.

Licking objects is natural among your furry friends, especially when they are nervous or bored. It is the same way we bite our fingernails when stressed or caught in a subconscious thought. Another reason why do dogs lick couches could be their desire to taste something, but a sofa isn’t something to be tasted, right?

5 Reasons Why Does My Dog Lick the Couch:

Now you know why dogs like to lick so many things, let’s trace 5 key reasons why does my dog lick the couch.

Your Dog Has Found Something Tasty on Couch:

Dogs are blessed with a keen sense of smell. Their impressive sense of smell allows them to search for many things, including lost items and, most significantly, food. The smell of the spilled item will surely attract your dog whenever you accidentally spill something on your couch.

Your pup will come forward and lick any leftover crumbs or the spill itself. Your dog could also be attracted to licking the couch if you feed him on the sofa in anticipation of the food. Do spot-clean the couch the second a spillage happens to prevent the dog from licking your couch.


When you pull away your pup from the couch, he is obsessed with licking and gets extremely angry. This is a clear indication that your dog is going through Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (a.k.a OCD). OCD usually occurs among dogs when they are extremely stressed or get injured.

Some common OCD dog behaviors are listed below:

  • More frequent barking
  • Biting or licking in the air
  • Eating items that are not in the food category
  • Running after light
  • Licking their paws
  • Running after their tail

We suggest looking for the trigger that is causing the anxiety and, subsequently, OCD in your dog. Here is a list of the possible triggers:

  • The sudden departure of the owner
  • Being left alone for way too long
  • Noises beyond the boundaries of your home
  • The arrival of new animal
  • Change of environment

Please seek assistance from the vet first if removing these triggers isn’t fixed. Why is my dog licking the couch all of a sudden. Also, don’t yell at your pup, as this worsens the situation.

They Are Fond of Your Couch Texture:

We use our hands to feel the texture of something. Dogs do the same, but with their mouths. We touch the surface again and again if we fancy its texture. So dogs do the same, repeatedly licking your precious couch to feel its soft texture.

You will need to be very attentive to determine if it is the fascination of the texture or obsessive-compulsive behavior that is forcing your pup to lick your furniture again and again. Seek medical advice for your dog if later is the cause.

Why does My Dog Lick the Couch

They are Just Bored:

Sometimes, it isn’t just anxiety, OCD, or the texture of your couch’s upholstery that attracts the dogs. They may walk by your couch and start licking it to pass the time.

Yes, your canine friend will start licking your couch not because he is anxious but just because he is bored or wants to seek some kind of entertainment. Your dog is usually attracted to your couch if his resting spot is nearby.

They are Attracted to Your Smell:

A dog is deeply attached to his owner. This is why you see your fur baby wagging his tail the second you enter your home, licking your boots to soothe you after your hectic work day in your office.

You may not believe it, but your couch also smells like you. Since dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors (as compared to the 6 million we have in our noses), they can sense your smell on your couch even when you are away. Your smell on your couch tricks them into thinking you are in the room, hence why the dogs lick the couch.

Why does My Dog Lick the Couch

Tips to Stop Your Dog from Licking the Couch:

Although it isn’t easy to stop your dog from licking your couch because of their robust sense of smell, here are some tips you can try to keep the dog away from your couch.

  1. Stop feeding your dog on the couch.
  2. Spot clean the spillage as soon as it happens.
  3. Increase the duration of their exercise to do away with the boredom.
  4. Add licking mats into your house to give your pup more acceptable areas to lick.
  5. Sprinkle some bitter spray to discourage your dog from licking the couch.


There you have it – the main reasons why does my dog lick the couch and how to stop them. Though it gets annoying having your dog drool all over your furniture, remember that your pup only does what comes naturally to them. Their enhanced senses of smell and taste make exploring the world with their mouths irresistible.

Clean up any food drops ASAP so Fido isn’t tempted by residual smells. Also, give them plenty of exercise, chew toys, and attention so they aren’t bored. You can even try using a bitter spray as a deterrent. Wishing you and your pup many slobber-free hangouts on the couch!


Should I be Worried if my dog licks Everything?

In most cases, your dog licking your furniture isn’t worrying unless it is OCD, then seek your vet ASAP.

Do dogs lick when their Stomach is upset?

Yes, they’ll lick their mouth and not eat the food.

Do dogs lick fabric to stress-release themselves?

Yes, dogs will lick your couch’s upholstery to ease their stress.