Sectional vs Sofa – Which One Should You Get?

Choosing between a sectional vs sofa is hard, especially if you are hunting for a new piece of furniture for your living room.

Sofas fit well in small, cramped spaces, but sectionals hold up well in large rooms where families meet.

But there is more than just the size of the room, and we’ll cover it all in this comparison between sofas vs sectionals, including the pros and cons of each category.

Difference between Sofas vs Sectionals

Sectionals and sofas share the same anatomy. A solid frame holds all the seating bits together. The seating mainly contains the fabric, the upholstery, and the padding.

The most obvious differentiating factor between sectionals and sofas is their shape. A sofa is just a piece of furniture with only one direction.

Whereas a sectional is constructed using 2 or even 3 pieces of furniture. Most sectionals feature either an L or U shape. They are multidirectional pieces of furniture because of their shape.

Another key differentiator between the two is their size. Since they are a continual piece of furniture, sofas tend to take much less space. Though they can accommodate up to 3 to 4 people.

Sectionals occupy a significant amount of space because of their unique design. Yet sectionals accommodate fewer people than the sofas, maxing at only 2 to 3.

Given their small footprint, sofas can be arranged in any layout you choose. But you have limited options for placing a sectional in your living room. Let’s go over their pros and cons in detail.

Sofas – Pros & Cons

Though sofas might not be as comfy as sectionals, they also have certain plus points and a few shortcomings.

Sectional vs Sofa


  • Sofas are the easiest to get lined up with other pieces of furniture, such as chairs and tables.
  • Few sofas also feature a reclining seat or a pullout bed.
  • Sofas are very space efficient as their smaller size makes them ideal for smaller apartments.
  • Sofas are less expensive than full-blown sectionals.


  • Less people to accommodate.
  • Not ideal for large families.
  • Less room for more people to rest or recline.
  • You may need to purchase additional sofas to accommodate more people.

Sectional – Pros & Cons

Let’s see what makes a sectional sofa stand out from a traditional sofa and what are its certain weaknesses:

Sofa vs Sectional


  • The modular nature of sectionals provides many opportunities for customizing them to your heart’s content.
  • Though, in some cases, sectionals accommodate fewer people than a sofa, they are given ample room to recline or relax.
  • Sectionals fill up large-sized rooms and lodgings pretty well.
  • Sectionals are ideal for watching movies or other form of entertainment together.


  • Sectionals are way more expensive than a traditional sofa since they are bigger.
  • They are also much heavier than your normal sofas, so you can’t change their layout every so often.
  • Their sturdy bulk also makes them difficult to take apart and reassemble.
  • Sectionals occupy more space than an average-sized sofa. So you can’t use them in small office rooms or in your bedroom.

Now It’s Your Turn to Choose between Sectional vs Sofa

Sofas are great if you’re low on cash or space – they’re way more affordable and take up less room. They’ll get the job done as a basic place to sit.

But nothing beats a sectional for kicking back with friends and family to watch the big game or your favorite shows. They provide much more room to stretch out than a regular sofa. And you can configure them exactly how you need.

So, to conclude our discussion between sectional vs sofa, sofas for the budget-conscious or those in tighter spaces, sectionals if money and room aren’t an issue and you want an uber-comfy entertaining hub.


Will my sectional make my large room look small?

Sectionals make large rooms look small as they take away a lot of floor real estate.

Which type of sofa is ideal for my room?

It all depends on how big or small your room is. In the case of a small room, you are better off with a sofa, but if you reside in a fairly large apartment, why not go with a sectional?

Which is the Easiest to Maintain between sofas and sectionals?

Sofas are relatively easier to maintain as you can take them to get their frame repaired or their upholstery refined easily because of their reduced weight and size.