6 Ways to Place Round Rug With Sectional Couch

Sectionals (aka sectional sofas) are known for their distinct two-section design. They are comfy, and most importantly, they add to the beauty of your living room and the rugs placed under your sectional couch.

But their design also adds to the complication, especially when you want to place a rug underneath your sectional. Whether a round rug or an oversized one, we cover 6 different ways to set the round rug with Sectional Couch to make your living room your own.

Round Rug below Large Sectional Sofa:

You can’t go wrong with a round rug if your living room is dominated by a large sectional with even sides tucked in a corner. But its placement will depend on the size of the round rug you have chosen.

A smaller round rug can be placed inside the sofa, letting your sectional “frame” it. Though a large rug is set in a way, its circular border envelopes your section. Add a round coffee table to complete your living room’s “round” look.

Go Big with an Oversized Rug:

Larger rugs, especially with 9′ x 12′ dimensions, can take your whole sectional couch on themselves. Though the rare legs of your sofa may extend or rest on the edge of the rug, the rest of the rug’s unoccupied space can be used to place other pieces of furniture.

A small but round coffee table and the chairs surrounding it will prepare your dwelling place to host more people (if you have a large family). We don’t recommend placing chairs in front of your sectional couch as it will obstruct the way out for those seated on the sofa.

Set the chairs on the other side of the table, facing the sectional. This position is super handy and will work best if you are into playing card games.

round rug with Sectional Couch

Fit the Sectional from Corner on Rug’s Edge:

This setting works best if your sectional sofa is smaller than your rug. You can achieve this look by aligning the corner of your sectional rug with the corner of the rug.

We can’t leave the rest of the free space unoccupied by more furniture and other smaller decorations. Though combining a single chair alongside a smaller round coffee table works best under such scenarios, you could double the number of chairs as well, but on the other corner side. You can also place some smaller living room plants over there.

Center Align the Rug with the L Shape of your Sofa:

This is a rather common setting and somewhat easy to achieve. But you’ll need a rather smaller-sized rug to fit the seating area of your sectional sofa. Make sure there is enough floor area around the rug to place other furniture, such as a coffee table on top and chairs around it.

Let the Smaller Rug be Framed by Your Sectional:

Rugs measuring 3′ x 5′ or 5′ x 8 are recommended to be framed by your sectional as their smaller size doesn’t have another option. Since the smaller size of the rug only caters to the placement of the sectional sofa, setting the coffee table becomes a piece of cake!

Placement of chairs is also easy under this setting. You could either put them half on and half off the rug or set them around the rug if you have too many chairs. Make sure the walls of your living room are rectangular, as this setting won’t work well with an angled wall.

Make it Center Aligned in Your Living Room:

This setting should be your last resort when you don’t know which one will look good in your living room or your sectional couch hasn’t aligned well with the rest of your furniture.

This sort of placement is quite simple and easy to approach. Just place the rug in the center of your living room. Leave one section for your sectional and another for tables, chairs, or plant decorations. Remember that the furniture should be set around the rug, be it your sectional or the chairs.

round rug with Sectional Couch

Now It’s Your Turn to Place Round Rug with Sectional Couch:

We’ve covered all the major options for place round rug with Sectional Couch. Go big or go small – the choices are yours. A large circular or oversized rug is ideal if you want your whole sofa covered in one cozy material. But smaller rugs also work well whether you frame the sectional or designate a clear seating zone.

The key thing with any layout is leaving enough open space around the perimeter for extra furnishings. Coffee tables, side tables, and accent chairs all need breathing room.

Now it’s your turn to give it a go. Take what you’ve learned and play around with different rug options and placements in your home. See what unique vibe you can cultivate. Happy designing.


Why is it important to place the rug Under the sofa?

The rug underneath your sofa establishes a balanced and proportional look inside your living room.

Do I need to Place a Rug Pad under the couch?

Yes, we recommend placing the rug pad under your sectional, or else your rug might slide away from your couch.

Which Rug Shape will work best Under my Sectional?

It depends on what vibe you want to go with:
Square rugs work well with other square objects.
Rectangular rugs fit well in large spaces.
Circular rugs look pleasant in small and tight spaces.